Position: Architect, Tatu City
Closing date: 01/12/2016

Job description

Tatu City is seeking to fill a new position as an house architect. This is an outstanding opportunity to be a lead player in Nairobi’s premier new city project and Africa’s urban future.

Duties will include:

  • Manage the tender process for all necessary surveys
  • Supervise timely delivery and ensure accuracy of all site surveys, topographic surveys, geotechnical and other surveys
  • Ensure all beacons depicting individual site boundaries of land to be sold are in accordance with the accurate survey data.
  • Provide survey data to potential buyers of land
  • Provide Deed and parcel plans to lawyers acting for Tatu City in the sale of land
  • Ensure that sellable and developable land is maximized and the adequate land size is taken for roads and other common areas
  • Provide appropriate information for consultants to design roads and other infrastructure
  • Coordinate the overall set up of the site with the infrastructure
  • Enforcement of the contractual obligations of the sub-lease and the Master Declaration where they relate to design
  • Manage the set of rules that the lessor and lessee have agreed to and abide by within the institutional framework of various levels of Property Owners’ Association as they relate to design
  • Be an active member of the development control committee for Kijani Ridge (build your own houses) and Tatu Industrial Park.
  • Receive building designs submitted by Purchasers, make recommendations for alteration, approve and amend as required
  • Receive and evaluate development designs submitted by bulk land buyers, both master plans and designs of buildings.
  • Work with developers to ensure that development enhances Tatu brand and has no negative impact on the value of adjoining land, its developments and occupiers, whether commercial, institutional, industrial and residential
  • Work with the local authorities to assist design and construction professionals to obtain necessary approvals for construction of above ground structures in Tatu ownership
  • Work with the local authorities to adapt the master plan to meet real demand
  • Work with the marketing department to provide technical information to convert into marketing material.
  • Be an active member of Tatu Heights design team to deliver 3,000 homes in next 5 years.
  • Be able to make minor changes to the plans, designs if needed
  • Own the masterplan of Tatu city and being the warrant of tracking changes and issue the consequential revisions.

How to apply

Send your CV to with the subject 'Architect, Tatu City'