800 move into CCI call centre at Tatu City

21 November

CCI Global call centre at Tatu City welcomes workers

Tatu City21 November 2023 – The first 800 workers at CCI Global’s call centre at Tatu City have moved into a bespoke 5,000-seat facility, the largest in the region, as the city and its businesses continue to create thousands of jobs for young Kenyans.

CCI’s expansion to Tatu City is spurred by global demand for Kenya’s talent in high-growth areas such as business and technology services. From Tatu City and other locations in Kenya, CCI provides business process outsourcing, or BPO, that supports customers around the world with both voice and digital interactions. CCI is a leading player in technology, telecommunications and financial industry sectors in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and other international markets.

“We are delighted to have our team members settled in the first phase of our contact centre at Tatu City,” said Mark Chana, COO of CCI Global, noting that the building, called Eneo at Tatu Central, is one-of-a-kind in Kenya, with copious natural light, break rooms with billiards and paddle tennis, and multiple spaces for meetings and training. Tatu City has also provided CCI employees with access to a five-a-side football pitch and basketball court nearby.

“We are pleased to give a warm welcome to CCI’s dynamic call centre team, which marks the creation of thousands of new jobs for Kenyans, in the heart of Tatu City,” said David Karimi, Deputy Country Head, Kenya, at Rendeavour, the owner and developer of Tatu City.

Within the same 27,524 sqm commercial office and retail complex, Gateway Real Estate Africa, the developer, has created more than a dozen retail shops that are nearly sold out. Additional office space is available for other businesses looking to secure a presence in Kenya’s first operational Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

Businesses registered as SEZ Enterprises at Tatu City enjoy a 10% corporate tax rate for 10 years, and a 15% rate for the subsequent 10 years (the standard corporate tax rate is 30%). Additional benefits include zero-rated VAT (a 16% savings), import duty exemptions and low withholding taxes.

More than 75 businesses are already operational or under development at Tatu City. Kenyan and international schools educate 4,000 students daily and 3,000 apartments are occupied or under development.