AAR Healthcare provides ambulance services at Tatu City

28 July

Tatu City and AAR Healthcare partner on emergency and rescue services

(L to R) Perminas Marisi, Head of City Management, Tatu City; Preston Mendenhall, Country Head, Kenya, Rendeavour; Elizabeth Wasunna, General Manager, AAR Healthcare and Dr. Ken Muma, CEO, AAR Hospital.

Tatu City, Kenya, 28 July 2023 – Tatu City, the 5,000-acre mixed-use Special Economic Zone (SEZ) on Nairobi’s doorstep, has announced the appointment of AAR Healthcare as its exclusive provider of emergency healthcare. Effective immediately, AAR Healthcare will offer on-site ambulance services, available 24/7, to ensure the safety and well-being of Tatu City’s residents, businesses and visitors.

AAR Healthcare brings extensive expertise and a proven track record in medical response, making it the ideal partner for Tatu City. AAR Healthcare’s comprehensive scope of work will include managing accident emergencies for individuals and businesses within the Tatu City community, as well as those involving third-party contractors working on construction sites.

Perminas Marisi, Head of City Management at Tatu City, expressed his enthusiasm about the new partnership, stating, “The safety and well-being of our residents, businesses and visitors are of utmost importance to us at Tatu City. We are confident that by appointing AAR Healthcare, a trusted name in medical services, we are providing the best possible care.”

More than 9,000 people currently work at more than 75 businesses in Tatu City, including Dormans, Copia, Cooper K-Brands, Grit Real Estate Income Group, Twiga Foods, Freight Forwarders Solutions, Friendship Group, Davis & Shirtliff, Kenya Wine Agencies Limited and Roast by Carnivore. Crawford International School and Nova Pioneer educate more than 3,500 students daily, and more than 4,000 people live in Unity Homes apartments and the Kijani Ridge premier neighbourhood.

AAR Healthcare will maintain an Advanced Life Support (ALS) four-wheel drive ambulance to ensure an efficient and timely response, adhering to local and international ambulance standards. This ambulance will be stationed permanently at Tatu City, significantly reducing response time and ensuring quick accessibility during emergencies.

“We are delighted to serve Tatu City’s residents, businesses and visitors,” said Elizabeth Wasunna, AAR Healthcare’s General Manager. “Our dedicated team of highly skilled medical professionals is committed to delivering exceptional care and assistance.”

The Tatu City-AAR Healthcare partnership comes at a time when the emergency response system in Kenya is revolutionising. The Ministry of Health’s Kenya Emergency Medical Care (EMC) Policy 2020-2030 and the Kenya Emergency Medical Care Strategy 2020-2025 promote healthcare among citizens in need of emergency treatment. The strategy seeks to establish an efficient EMC system as a key component of the healthcare system in the country.