Appolonia City celebrates clients, rewards customer loyalty

29 April

Appolonia City recently held a fun-filled event to appreciate its clients for their investment in the city-scale development, and to launch a new members club that provides special benefits to buyers.

More than 125 clients took part in networking and a range of activities during the evening event. Appolonia City gave prizes to clients in categories such as first tenant, first plot buyer, first home buyers and client with the most referrals.

Matthew Ansah, marketing and communications manager for Appolonia City, revealed the new name of the city’s clients – “Appolonians”– explaining that the company sees its clients as members of a prominent community of like-minded individuals.

“Appolonians are defined as people who choose a lifestyle of inclusivity, people who understand the value of living, working and playing in one community, like Appolonia City,” Ansah said. “We will shortly be introducing an Appolonian loyalty card with a range of rewards available.”

The Appolonia City community has over 500 homes completed, under construction or in development, offering houses and apartments for all incomes. The inclusive city will be home to over 80,000 residents on completion, meaning that the Appolonians will become a distinct community.

Appolonian Philip Cobbinah expressed delight at the opportunity to meet new neighbours.

“It is wonderful to meet like-minded people and exciting to think that these people are also my neighbours,” Cobbinah said. “We are all Appolonians, and I’m looking forward to the community growing over the next few years. Thank you, Appolonia City!”

Business Development Manager Kwabena Owusu-Adjei said Appolonia City is a company that cares and seeks to foster cordiality with clients and nurture the sense of community through interaction and networking. He urged clients to start their home construction, because the necessary infrastructure is in place.

“For land owners who have completed payments, it’s time to start preparing building plans or use our in-house plans,” Owusu-Adjei said. “We hope to see you all soon on site and living your dream at Appolonia City.”