Appolonia City lauded by members of the UK-Ghana Chamber of Commerce

26 September

Appolonia City, Greater Accra’s new city, has been commended by the UK-Ghana Chamber of Commerce (UKGCC) for its vision and investment in high-quality infrastructure.

UKGCC’s commendation came during a familiarisation tour of the master-planned city by its members.

The delegation, which included representatives from G&J Technical Services, Movenpick Ambassador Hotel, Global Trade Consult and executives of the UKGCC, visited the various neighbourhoods within Appolonia City, the power substation and Appolonia Industrial Park.

“This tour has been an eye-opener for all of us concerning Appolonia City,” said Adjoba Kyiamah, Executive Director of UKGCC. “Participants of the tour were highly impressed with Appolonia City’s unmatched infrastructure and thoroughly satisfied with the variety of properties available.”

The UKGCC facilitates and promotes trade and commercial relations between the UK and Ghana. Through the sharing of policy, business insight, and expertise, it promotes the interests of UK companies operating in Ghana and acts as a platform for Ghanaian companies seeking growth opportunities.

Rendeavour, the owner and developer of Appolonia City, in partnership with the Appolonia stool, has several British investors among its shareholders, making it a significant British investment in Ghana.

“We are excited about the visit and impressed with the high level of interest from members,” said Adamu Ben-Mahmoud, Utilities and Urban Infrastructure Manager of Appolonia City. “Substantial infrastructure investment, thanks in part to our British shareholders, makes Appolonia City a reliable and sustainable choice for both businesses and homes in Greater Accra.”

With more than 500 homes now completed or under construction, Appolonia City continues to serve as a benchmark for new urban development in Africa and offers homes with the widest accessibility to property investors. The Appolonia Industrial Park which is engineered for light industrial uses has also seen significant interest from various industries and currently serves as a hub for local and international companies, including Indo-Ghana Industries Ltd, Axcon Energy, MainOne, Nickseth Construction, Alusynco, Crownhouse Construction & Logistics, PUMA Energy, and Total Ghana.