14 June

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has pledged support for the planned development of an Industrial Park within Appolonia City and lauded the pace of development at the project. The backing came when a team from the Industrial Park and Special Economic Zone Directorate of the Ministry paid a fact-finding visit to Appolonia City.

Industrial parks are part of the government’s plan to spearhead industrialisation and create employment across the country. The Ministry is running a 10-point agenda to establish Industrial Parks and Special Economic Zones in each of the 10 regions in Ghana.

The leader of the delegation, Sheila Kangberee praised the commitment of the developers of Appolonia City and noted that the designated business park qualifies to be Greater Accra’s Industrial Park, since the land and infrastructure are already in place.
“Substantial investment has been made to position Appolonia City as the viable choice for the proposed industrial park in Greater Accra. The significant investment in power, water, road and sewerage infrastructure has created a solid foundation for businesses to thrive,” said Kwabena Owusu Agyei, Business Development Manager of Appolonia City.
To support government’s industrial park and economic zone regime, the Ministry of Trade and Industry is to create a framework to legislate all the industrial parks in the country. This is expected to drive further Foreign Direct Investment and local industry growth.
In March this year, the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) signed a partnership agreement with Appolonia City to construct an industrial park within the 2,325-acre urban development. The agreement is expected to include the use of about 1,000 acres of Appolonia City industrial and manufacturing companies and in turn provide major employment opportunities for the region.