Appolonia Donates Medical Equipment to Community Health Centre

24 March

As part of its commitment to improving the lives of people in the local community, Appolonia the mixed-use urban development near Accra has donated a range of medical equipment to the community health centre.
“Companies like Appolonia are essential partners needed to promote development in every community,” said Mrs Patience Mamattah, Health Director for the Kpone Katamanso District. She went on to thank Appolonia for the commitment shown toward improving the health of the local community and neighbouring towns.
Medical items provided to the community health centre included an autoclave machine, suction machine, angle poise lamp, wheel chair, delivery and dressing sets, sterilization drums, medical trolley, examination couch, oxygen cylinder with flow meter, screens and drip stands.
“In line with our Social responsibility policy, Appolonia will be widen its support to the local community over the coming months,” said Anthony Okyere, CEO of Appolonia. He also expressed gratitude to all stakeholders for the support and co-operation received.
In July 2014, Appolonia fully renovated the community health centre in order to position the facility to be able to deliver quality health care.
Following the work, Appolonia assisted the community facility with the acquisition of accreditation from the National Insurance Scheme. The facility commenced operations as an accredited service provider in July 2015, increasing the access and delivery of health care by over 100 percent. Residents who previously had to commute long distances to access health care and thus risking their lives can today access quality health care locally.

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