City of Light and Community come together for clean up

4 July

The City of Light project team joined the Appolonia Community to embark on a clean-up exercise to mark the National Sanitation Day.

The day began with the team paying a courtesy call on the Chief of Appolonia, Nii Nuertey Amobi II and his elders at the palace. Following this, the team presented a range of tools to the community to support their efforts of keeping the environment clean. The day was climaxed with a community forum which was led by the City of Light project team to discuss the partnership they have with the Appolonia community on the project.

Community members were given the opportunity to ask questions following updates about the project presented by the project team in order to help them to better understand the project and its benefits. The event was well attended and was accompanied with drumming and dancing throughout the day.


Broom Donation by the Team

About National Sanitation Day

The first Saturday of every month is earmarked National Sanitation Day across Ghana. First declared on November 1st, 2014 by the Government of Ghana in response to the 2014 Ghanaian cholera outbreak, the day is a voluntary clean-up exercise for all Ghanaian residents in an effort to reduce unsanitary conditions that breed diseases and cause injuries. The National Sanitation Day (NSD) is an initiative by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. A bill has recently been sent to parliament by the ministry, the bill if approved will give legal backing to the NSD program allowing it to prosecute individuals who refuse to take part in the program