Dormans Coffee moves to Tatu Industrial Park

22 April

The Dormans Coffee Group, one of the leading coffee exporters and roasters in East Africa, will establish its global headquarters at the Tatu Industrial Park, the light industrial zone located at Tatu City, Kenya’s visionary urban development near Nairobi.

DSC_0270On a greenfield site, Dormans will build its corporate headquarters as well as processing, packaging, warehousing and trading facilities capable of handling more than 15,000 tonnes of coffee per year. When the facility is fully built, close to 200 Dormans employees will work at Tatu Industrial Park.

“Dormans has a proud legacy in Kenya and a trusted reputation among its clients in over 25 countries,” said Dormans Chairman Jeremy Block. “The decision to consolidate our operations and offices at Tatu Industrial Park demonstrates our commitment to the quality of our coffee and global growth.”

Tatu Industrial Park, which includes 420 acres of serviced industrial land, is located within easy proximity to Jomo Kenyatta Airport, Runda, Kenyatta University, UniCity, Thika Highway and the Northern and Eastern Bypasses, giving Dormans a unique gateway to Kenya, East Africa and the world.

Anthony Njoroge, Tatu City’s Acting CEO, commented, “We are very excited to welcome Dormans to Tatu Industrial Park, where we will provide unparalleled infrastructure and planning to Kenyan, African and global businesses. As a major investment in the Kenyan economy and a benchmark for visionary urban planning, Tatu Industrial Park and Tatu City will provide tens of thousands of jobs for Kenyans and create a holistic development that eases the burdens of urbanisation on central Nairobi.”

Tatu Industrial Park is the ideal location for local, regional and international companies expanding in Africa through a hub in Kenya. Tatu Industrial Park provides power, water, sewerage and industrial-grade paved roads to light industrial plots of varying sizes.

About Tatu City (

Tatu City is a 2,500-acre, mixed-use and mixed-income development with residential, commercial, industrial, tourism, social and recreation amenities for more than 70,000 residents and 30,000 day visitors. Underlying Tatu City’s design is a visionary concept aiming to shift urban development in Kenya from the familiar single node model to a decentralized urban environment. By doing so, Tatu will significantly de-congest the City of Nairobi by offering a unique live, work and play environment.

About Dormans (

C. Dorman Ltd was founded in 1950 and has become internationally recognized as a leading exporter of coffee from East Africa. The company’s customer base includes major users of coffee and prestigious gourmet roasters all around the world. Apart from its extensive operations in Kenya, it is also a major player and investor in both the Tanzanian and Rwandan coffee industry. Central to its business model is the promotion of certified and sustainable coffees and the fostering of farmer relationships.

The company’s roasting division which trades as “Dormans Coffee Limited” is the preferred supplier of a wide range of blends of roasted coffee to the majority of coffee-shops, hotels, restaurants, wholesalers, supermarkets and even corporate institutions country wide. The Dormans group has a reputation for quality that is unsurpassed.