8 August

Students will soon be resident at Tatu City, the satellite city development near Nairobi, Kenya.

Nova Academies, a leading Kenya-based education provider, has announced that it will establish its flagship East African campus at the 2,500-acre mixed-use development.

Nova Academies will begin construction of its 25-acre site this year, with plans to open its Girls High School to over 120 students in 2017.

“We have found the ideal location for Nova Academies’ flagship campus,” said Chris Khaemba, Director, Nova Academies. “We’re delighted to be the first school to open at Tatu City and to widen the offering of our unique learning model to even more future innovators and leaders of Kenya.”

Nova Academies’ first school in Kenya launched in 2016, as a secondary boarding school for young men that uses the Kenyan national curriculum (8-4-4) integrated with methods from top schools from around the world. The same curriculum will be used at the Tatu City campus. Nova Academies also operates three schools in South Africa, ranging from pre-primary to secondary.

“Providing an education platform for residents is vital to the Tatu City community,” said Nick Langford, Kenya Country Head for Rendeavour, Tatu City’s owner and developer. “It is clear that Nova Academies’ leadership team has decades of experience working with some of the leading educational institutions and companies, both in Africa and around the world. Nova Academies is a perfect fit with the ethos of Tatu City.”

By 2019, the campus will welcome pre-school, primary and high school students. School fees will be affordable to middle class Kenyan families.

Tatu City has continued to roll out its mixed-use development in recent months, announcing new residential areas, as well as well-known local, regional and international companies moving to Tatu Industrial Park.

About Nova Academies (

Nova Academies is a rapidly growing education company developing and operating world class, affordable secondary, primary, and pre-primary schools across the African continent. Nova Academies is currently operational in both Kenya and South Africa and will have five school campuses by 2017. The schools learning approach prepares students to be globally competitive innovators and leaders in the 21st century. Their signature pedagogy weaves together techniques used by the most forward-thinking schools globally to develop critical thinking, problem solving and other 21st century skills, in addition to the exceptional exam results students need to secure top university places.

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