Rendeavour and Tatu City featured at UN-Habitat Assembly

3 June

Rendeavour and Tatu City featured at the UN-Habitat Assembly in Nairobi, taking part in the Urban Solutions Expo and Business Leaders Dialog during the week-long gathering of United Nations member states and 4,000 delegates.
The companies were selected by UN-Habitat as part of the body’s new strategic plan to involve commercial investors in efforts to drive the New Urban Agenda.

In high-level dialogues, Rendeavour and Tatu City shared their views on sustainable urbanisation, providing concrete examples of how Rendeavour developments in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia and Democratic Republic of Congo are transforming the urban landscape.

“We are delighted to be invited by UN-Habitat to participate in discussions about impactful solutions to urbanisation,” said Preston Mendenhall, Rendeavour’s Executive Vice President. “The experience of private sector investors can inform UN-Habitat’s New Urban Agenda, and developers like Rendeavour can learn from UN-Habitat’s expertise on sustainability.”

Other participants in the Business Leaders Dialog included Microsoft, ADEC, Huawei, Aga Khan Agency for Habitat and KCB Foundation.

President Uhuru Kenyatta told UN-Habitat delegates that the private sector is key to the New Urban Agenda and solutions to the affordable housing deficit in Kenya. “Let us all work together to achieve the objectives of the New Urban Agenda for the benefit of the current and future generations,” President Kenyatta said.

Tatu City is home to the largest private affordable housing developments in Kenya – Karibu Homes and Unity homes, whose projects encompass more than 2,500 homes.

Also in support of the New Urban Agenda, Tatu City is rolling out a large-scale solar power generation strategy. In April, the first 1MW of solar power was inaugurated as part of the Tatu City’s 30MW solar strategy.