12 September

More than 200 cyclists from across Africa raced to the finish of Tatu City’s annual two-day cycling road race, the largest in Kenya. The event saw riders competing for over KES 400,000 in prize money over a challenging course that rose 2,050 meters over the Gitwe and Mundoro hills.
Salim Kipkemboi finished first in the 106 km men’s event, with a time of 02:45:03 while Joyce Nyaruri led the women, clocking in at 3:51:47. Camila Lydia led the women’s 60 km race with a time of 2:49:36.

Teams from all over Kenya, including Safari Simbaz, Kenyan Riders, Team ARABIKA and Team Baiskeli participated in the race. Cornelius Kipkemboi of Kenyan Riders was named “King of the Mountain” and Joyce Nyaruri was “Queen of the Mountain,” – signifying riders who passed the first recording point.

“The course was challenging, and the other riders were competitive and skilled. I am quite elated to have won, definitely looking forward to winning this again next year,” Kipkemboi, the men’s overall winner said. The women’s champion, Joyce Nyaruri, agreed: “The course was tough, with beautiful scenery all along, and I am glad not only to have participated but to have won as well.”

The previous day saw a medley of races that included categories for Kids, Ladies, Juniors, Seniors, Veterans and the highly anticipated Black Mamba community race. All children were awarded medals and the top positions received vouchers from Text Book Centre. A family fun day, held in parallel with the cycling race, attracted large crowds of supporters.

Nick Langford, Kenya Country Head for Rendeavour, owner and developer of Tatu City, reiterated Tatu City’s commitment to initiatives that encourage sporting activity in the country. “We have yet again witnessed a very successful event. What started as a small idea has morphed into a well-attended and successful regional race. We will continue working hard to ensure that the annual road races are an even bigger success,” he said.

Kiambu County Women’s Representative Muthoni wa Muchoba, who attended the family fun day on the first day of the road race expressed the sentiments of many in attendance. “The Tatu City Road Race is a great initiative. I am glad to see that not only are there professional cyclists in this event, but also a large number of members of the surrounding community, many of them being youth who will compete in the black mamba race. This shows Tatu’s continued commitment in creating a harmonious live, work, play environment for all.”

The Nairobi County Women’ Representative, Esther Passaris, flagged off today’s race. “I have personally taken to cycling for a few months, and I am amazed at the increasing number of cycling enthusiasts that have shown up here today,” she said. “It is my hope that this road race will grow further and attract more corporates and individuals from all around the world,” she said.

As with the previous year, the Tatu City race was held in partnership with Hashim “Zuzu” Sharif, a renowned Kenyan cycling enthusiast who has been coordinating races for years. The sponsors of the event were Sama Ice, Sossi, Coca-Cola, Famers Choice, Yatta Juice by KWAL, Stecol, Café Arabika and Utalii wa Baiskeli.



106 km Time 60 km Time
Salim Kipkemboi 2:45:03 Lubega Abu-Moor 1:39:57
Andrew Kimutai 2:45:05 Paul Bett 1:43:59
Peter Simiyu 2:45:07 Martin Mweke 1:47:37




106 km Time 60 km Time
Joyce Nyaruri 3:51:47 Camila Lydia 2:49:36
Ruth Wairimu 3:58:10 Louise Wambui 3:47:04
Winnie Wandiga 4:00:25 N/A N/A