Tatu City and University of Nairobi partner on practical experience

4 March

Department of Real Estate and Construction Management and Tatu City establish partnership.

Tatu City, the mixed-use, mixed-income satellite city development on 2,500 acres near Nairobi, is offering practical experience to postgraduate candidates from the University of Nairobi’s Department of Real Estate & Construction Management (RECM).

During their inaugural visit to Tatu City, which will be home to 100,000 residents and receive 30,000 visitors daily, a group of RECM postgraduate candidates were introduced to Tatu City’s implementation strategy and the challenges of project planning and project management of a large- scale urban development.

The group of postgraduate candidates included individuals studying for master’s degrees in valuation and property management and construction management. Among the group were registered and practising architects, quantity surveyors, land valuers, engineers, land surveyors, project managers, property managers and estate agents.

Tatu City and RECM have agreed to establish a framework for long-term cooperation, with further engagement to include regular visits by postgraduate candidates for the next five years. Tatu City also aims to give the students an opportunity to master plan a parcel of land slated for development, and to develop a feasibility study for the selected site. The students were also invited to develop demand and supply surveys of residential, commercial and industrial areas; to analyse the infrastructure rollout at Tatu City; and to conduct a vehicular traffic surveys of the area.

About University of Nairobi RECM (http://realestates.uonbi.ac.ke/)

The Department of Real Estate & Construction Management(RECM) was established in 1956 upon the founding of the Royal College, now University of Nairobi. In 2005, a university-wide restructuring merged two sister departments into RECM, and established the department within University of Nairobi’s School of the Built Environment (SBE).

About Tatu City (www.tatucity.com)

Tatu City is a 2,500-acre, mixed-use and mixed-income development with residential, commercial, industrial, tourism, social and recreation amenities for more than 70,000 residents and 30,000 day visitors. Underlying Tatu City’s design is a visionary concept aiming to shift urban development in Kenya from the familiar single node model to a decentralized urban environment. By doing so, Tatu will significantly de-congest the City of Nairobi by offering a unique live, work and play environment.