Roma Park


Project Profile

Roma Park is a 120 ha mixed-use development located in the heart of Lusaka. Rendeavour acquired the land in partnership in 2010, with residential sales launched the following year. Sales have increased by 129% since then and Roma Park is now seen as the city’s premier development, attracting significant interest from commercial buyers. The development is accessed via high-quality asphalt roads, and bulk infrastructure – including 22km of sewer piping – has been completed.

Zambia’s population is expanding rapidly, with 35% of the population living in urban areas – mainly Lusaka. It is also one of the most urbanised countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, which puts tremendous pressure on dilapidated infrastructure.


The percentage of Zambia's population that live in urban areas.


The average annual GDP growth of Zambia.


The percentage of Zambians under 24 years-old.

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