RenWoman is the association of women employed across the various Rendeavour projects, which aims at ensuring Rendeavour is an enabling corporate environment in which women thrive.

Research shows that companies with greater gender diversity tend to perform better financially. We are a force for positive change within Rendeavour and in all our markets – Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia.

RenWoman is driven by the following six-point internal and external impact agenda:

  • Inclusion – Rendeavour aims to be an employer of choice for women.
  • Education – We provide training for women to develop to their full personal and professional potential.
  • Leadership – Rendeavour offers opportunities for women to develop leadership competencies, and lead.
  • Networking – We create avenues for networking with other women within and outside the real estate industry, as well as facilitate a strong professional network for all Rendeavour women.
  • Responsibility – Rendeavour leads and supports women-focused social initiatives in each of its markets.
  • Mentoring – The women and men of Rendeavour are mentors to female employees

Are you interested in becoming a RenWoman? Do you have an interesting initiative and would you like to partner with RenWoman? Or are you simply interested in seeing what we have been up to over the years? Click on the links below!